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Apartment 2 Bedrooms

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Reference: 2253FA - Cordon 31

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    • For sale 500 000 €
  • County Lisboa
  • Parish Misericórdia
  • Zone Chiado (Encarnação)
  • Land area - - -
  • Covered Area 111 m²
  • Business For sale
  • Status Reserved

Property description

Situated in the Centre of Lisbon, Rua Vitor Cordon building 31 falls on the prestigious historic district and classified the Baixa Pombalina in a block that articulates the upper and lower town.

Geographically the building of Victor Cordon 31 assumes one centralized location a block consisting of three buildings and establishes the connection between downtown, Chiado and Cais do Sodré.

Its original construction had its origin in the plan for reconstruction of the city after the earthquake of 1755, and follows the principles of typological linearity aesthetics, morphologically and architecturally inspired by the role models of the French cities of Reims, Lyon.

Its anti-seismic building system, named Pombaline building is characterised by the use of a mixed structure of masonry in its vaulted base of support and, on the upper floors, a lightweight structure in wood. This system, composed of vertical, horizontal and diagonal elements arranged in such a way as to create a sturdy structure and fought in all directions-named Pombaline cage – leads to stability and elasticity to the building.

The apartments combine traditional charm with high quality finishes. Offer a balanced environment of refined modern comfort.

Rehab intends to recover the legacy heritage adjusting it to new housing requirements, standards of thermal and acoustic comfort, as well as security in order to create this noble excellence apartments of the city.

Ranging from 111 and 213 m2, the apartments of 2 to 6 bedrooms, with parking, stand out for their large divisions, high ceilings, natural light and high quality and elegance of the building materials used.

The architectural project tries to respect as much as possible the decorative elements and constructive proposing new speciality for the different apartments in order to take advantage of its guidance on exposure to the Sun and views. Thus, its vaulting favour social zones corresponding to the living room and dining room oriented to the South and West, with its river views, while rooms and sanitary facilities aiming to the North and East.
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